DEF Dispensing and Storage Systems
Choose from a wide variety of Benecor's proven DEF dispensing solutions.

DEF: Island Dispensers Delivers the ultimate in outdoor bulk DEF dispensing, at the island, for the island fleet customer.

  • Fiberglass manufactured unit
  • Side access door with lockable latch for security
  • Island pad bolt through bottom skirt bracket for affixing to concrete pad or sump
  • Nozzle boot switch relay to operate pump
  • Incidentals include stainless steel auto nozzle with breakaway, 25′ hose reel and 25′ hose

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Face mounted display meter
In-Line pulse meter
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Designed To Fit DEF Dispensing and Storage Systems:



Thermostatically controlled heater
Insulated nozzle door and hardware
Insulation package
Benecor DEF flow meter
Strobe light warning for low temperature inside enclosure

Currently not available.

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Dimensions 24″w x 69″h x 41″d