DEF Dispensing and Storage Systems
Choose from a wide variety of Benecor's proven DEF dispensing solutions.

DEF: Stationary Engine Skid Commercialized for Caterpillar and Cummins stationary power.

  • Our insulated prime power solutions are built for reliability and durability in challenging warm and cold weather applications
  • Designed to serve a dual purpose by dispensing DEF to your on-site equipment
  • Houses 500 gallon tank, 275 gallon tote, or 330 gallon tote
  • Powder coated for durability
  • Transports easily and safely. Industrial fork lift pockets for easy lifting with full 500 gallon tank, 275 gallon tote or 330 gallon tote. Tote secured to structure for safe transport
  • Lockable insulated roller shutter door
  • Rear access door for convenient service entry
  • 25′-100′ hose reel options
  • Optional unlimited feed stocking controls interface for generator or compressor farms

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Designed To Fit DEF Dispensing and Storage Systems:



Extreme Cold Weather Application Options:
110V electric heater
Diesel fired heater with 2.5 gallon tank or supply with bulk fuel tank
Power Supply Options:

Currently not available.

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Tank 500 gallon, 275 gallon tote or 330 gallon tote
Hose 25′-100′ hose reel options