DEF Dispensing and Storage Systems
Choose from a wide variety of Benecor's proven DEF dispensing solutions.

DEF: Truck Tank Dispensing Systems Smart solution built to deliver both durability and superiority to suit your unique situation.

  • All truck tank dispensing systems come equipped with a DEF 12 Volt pump (self-priming), 7 GPM, 12′ power cord, in-line fuse and battery clips
  • All stainless steel frame construction – will not be attacked by DEF or weather
  • Tank pan constructed to bolt to truck bed with vertical and horizontal slotted holes for optimal placement
  • Custom designed to mount behind truck bed diesel tank between the wheel wells
  • Available sizes: 32 gallon and 71 gallon polyethylene tank meets ISO standards for proper storage of DEF
  • Optional available 25′ hose reel and integrated nozzle holder available for 71-gallon tank only
  • All components of the BENECOR Truck Tank system are also available for individual sale

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Tank 32 gallon DEF tank (customizable item)
Hose 40′ delivery hose (customizable item)
Pump and Mount DEF 12 Volt
Base Stainless steel
Straps Stainless steel
Hardware necessary hardware included