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Oil Baron
For Petroleum Spills/Stains
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Removes common oil and grease stains on most hard, industrial surface areas.
When your job involves working with hydrocarbons (including oil, grease and gasoline), you know how tough it is to safely clean up the spills left behind. Oil Baron safely cleans up the spills, rendering them nonhazardous and requiring no special waste disposal.
From service stations to auto repair bays, Oil Baron makes it easy to clean unsightly, unsafe or hazardous messes and spills. It breaks down hydro carbons (gasoline and other petroleum products) to water and carbon dioxide. It can be applied using floor scrubbers, pressure washers or mops with no special hazardous waste disposal required.
It can seem impossible to remove tough, deep oil, tar and grease stains in concrete or other hard surfaces. With Oil Baron PLUS, it’s not only possible to regain a clean surface area, this easy-to-use product outperforms all other competitors.
Simply apply Oil Baron PLUS onto the effected surface area then scrub. It immediately does the hard work by penetrating deep into the surface to remove tough, embedded stains. Then just rinse for an oil-free surface. There’s no waiting to see results. There are no worries about safety concerns you find with dangerous acids. Best of all, Oil Baron PLUS removes your frustration of cleaning up the toughest oil stains.
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