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#045703N: Farm & Commercial, Automatic Shut-Off
1GS Nozzle
1" Light Duty Diesel Nozzle with Three Notch Hold Open Clip and Hook
Product Info
Specs / Construction
Automatic shut-off nozzle with polymer handguard for farm, 12V skid tanks, large pumps with or without air eliminators and commercial applications.
  • 1GS nozzle shuts off when the gas tank is full.
  • Nozzle is equipped with unique Flo-Stop® device that shuts off the nozzle if it falls from the fill tank or raises above the horizontal.
  • Not for use with gravity tanks.
  • Not legal for retail dispensing applications.

Body: Aluminum
Seals: Fluorocarbon
Packing: Double o-ring seal protected by fiber reinforced Teflon®
Lever: One-piece contoured steel with hard plastic cover
Inlet: 1” / 25.4 mm NPT

Flow Rate
Configure a Complete Fueling System
Choose any options that are applicable. If you would prefer a complete pump-to-car hanging hardware assembly that is certified, pre-assembled, pressure and continuity tested hanging hardware, select the “Make it an EZ-Connect®” tab to configure your EZ-Connect®.
Add Accessories / Options
Make it an EZ-Connect®
Choose a Swivel
Choose …
000087: 1” M x 1” F NPT Multi-Plane Swivel
000095: 1” M x 1” F NPT 70° Pump Swivel
Choose a Safe-T-Break®
Choose …
002276: 1” F x 1” F NPT Reconnectable Safe-T-Break®
005812: 1” F x 1” F NPT Non-Reconnectable Safe-T-Break®
006301: 1” F x 1” F NPT Non-Reconnectable PCC Safe-T-Break®
Choose Swivel/STB Combo
Choose …
005969: 1” M NPT Multi-Plane Swivel connected to 1” F NPT Reconnectable Safe-T-Break®
008015: 1” M BSPP Multi-Plane Swivel connected to 1” F BSPP Reconnectable Safe-T-Break®
008015A: 1” M BSPP Multi-Plane Swivel connected to 1” F BSPP Reconnectable Safe-T-Break® - Atex
Choose Spout
Choose …
001473: Unleaded Spout without Flo-Stop®
010434: Unleaded Long Spout without Flo-Stop®
001471: Light Duty Diesel Spout without Flo-Stop® with StreamShaper®
010353: Light Duty Diesel Long Spout without Flo-Stop®
005215: Heavy Duty Diesel Spout with Flo-Stop®
Choose Pressure/Vacuum Vent
Choose …
Choose Accessories, Testing and Maintenance
Choose …
003593: Hold Open Clip Kit
000397: Unleaded Spout Gauge
000385: 1” M x ¾” F Reducer Bushing
Choose Guards
Choose …
000544: Full Grip Guard
001804: Full Grip Reguard
005494: Lever Guard
000226: Mate Nozzle Guard
007376: Mate Handle Guard
008180: POPD® EZH Nozzle Guard
008179: POPD® EZS Nozzle Guard
007999: POPD® H Clear Cover
008170: POPD® H Mate Nozzle Guard
008183: POPD® H Full Grip Guard
008190: POPD® H Full Grip Reguard
006628: POPD® S Clear Cover
006655: POPD® S Full Grip Guard
007210: POPD® S Full Grip Reguard
008169: POPD® S Mate Guard
Please contact your distributor for information on creating an EZ-Connect for this nozzle.
EZ-Connects for this product have not been configured.
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