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#013824 / 013823: For Petroleum Spills
Oil Baron
Safely Eradicates Petroleum Spills
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Safely cleans petroleum spills, making them non hazardous and nonflammable.
  • Available in 20 oz. aerosol or 32 oz. quart
  • Breaks down hydrocarbons (including gasoline) to water and carbon dioxide
  • Cuts through the tough oil, grease, carbon and other spills for superior results
  • Microbial action digests hydrocarbon mess
  • No oil or greasy residue left behind
  • Surfaces are clean, dry and oil-free for ideal traction
  • Quick drying and available in an easy-to-use spray or concentrate
  • Apply with mops, garden sprayer, auto floor scrubbers and pressure washers
  • Less expensive and lasts longer compared to conventional cleaners and degreasers
  • Works on these surface areas: • Concrete, tile, and metal • Urethane, acrylic and latex paint • VCT and waxed floors • Plexi-glass, epoxy, plastic and rubber
  • Nonhazardous: • Non-corrosive, fragrance-free product • Significantly reduces the ability of flammable hydrocarbons to ignite
20 oz. Aerosol
32 oz. Quart
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