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#6250041: Vacuum Assist Pressure Activated Automatic Vapor Recovery
V34 Nozzle
M34 Unleaded Nozzle with Three Notch Hold Open Clip
Product Info
Specs / Construction
Pressure activated, automatic shut-off vacuum assist nozzle for full-service, self-service and unattended stations.
  • V34 Nozzle shuts off when:
    — the pump shuts off.
    — the gas tank is full.
    — the lever is opened before the pump is turned on.
    — the leak detector has not completed the test cycle.
  • Strong vapor valve in the nozzle that is mechanically operated by the on-off action of the nozzle’s lever.
  • Streamshaper® reduces turbulence for straighter fuel flow and less splash back spillage.
  • Husky® vapor return line is an internal part of the body casting, thus eliminating potential vapor leak points and fugitive evaporative emissions from the fuel remaining in the vapor path of the hose.
  • Nozzle spout is covered by a one year warranty.
  • Nozzle is equipped with a unique Flo-Stop® device that shuts off the nozzle if it falls from the fill tank or raises above the horizontal.
  • Uses conventional spout with spout ring and soft vapor escape guard.
  • Vapor assist achieved at the body end of the spout where a vapor ring catches emissions.
  • Optional EZ Lever:
    - two piece design cuts opening force in half
    - easier “to-the-penny” dispensing
    - ADA compliant

Body: One piece die cast aluminum
Seals: Fluorocarbon
Packing: Fiber reinforced Teflon®
Lever: One piece contoured steel with hard plastic cover
Inlet: M34 x 1.5

Flow Rate
Configure a Complete Fueling System
Choose any options that are applicable. If you would prefer a complete pump-to-car hanging hardware assembly that is certified, pre-assembled, pressure and continuity tested hanging hardware, select the “Make it an EZ-Connect®” tab to configure your EZ-Connect®.
Add Accessories / Options
Make it an EZ-Connect®
Choose a Swivel
Choose …
004605: Inverted Vapor Assist Swivel
Choose a Safe-T-Break®
Choose …
005134: Non-Reconnectable Safe-T-Break® - Atex
010513: Non-Reconnectable Safe-T-Break® - Shearpin
Choose Spout
Choose …
006291: Complete Spout Assembly Kit - Unleaded
006391: Unleaded Spout
Choose Pressure/Vacuum Vent
Choose …
Choose Accessories, Testing and Maintenance
Choose …
004360: Air/Liquid Spout Adaptor
003593: Hold Open Clip Kit
005233: O-ring Kit
005260: Tool for dry Air/Liquid Test
000397: Unlead Spout Gauge
005837: Vapor Assist Flo-Equalizer®
004000: Vapor Splash Guard (VSG) with Clamp
004039: Vapor Splash Guard Clamp
006497: VSG Clamp Tool
010073: Waffle VSG with Clamp (single notch V34)
010076: Waffle VSG without Clamp (single notch V34)
Choose Guards
Choose …
006951: Full Grip Guard
004231: Full Grip Reguard
005494: Lever Guard
007999: POPD® H Clear Cover
008184: POPD® H Full Grip Guard
008191: POPD® H Full Grip Reguard
006628: POPD® S Clear Cover
006660: POPD® S Full Grip Guard
07220: POPD® S Full Grip Reguard
Please contact your distributor for information on creating an EZ-Connect for this nozzle.
EZ-Connects for this product have not been configured.
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