The only certified, pre-assembled,
pressure and continuity tested
hanging hardware assembly.
Stage II Decommissioning Ready!

The EPA ruled in 2012 that Stage II vapor recovery systems are less cost effective in reducing air pollution. States with current and former ozone non-attainment areas are beginning to allow gas stations to decommission their Stage II equipment. Husky’s EZ-Connect hanging hardware assembly delivers all components from the dispenser to the nozzle in a pre-assembled, professionally tested, fully warrantied package.

  • Pre-fabricated hanging hardware assembly
  • Includes choice of Hose/Dispenser adaptor (Balanced/Vac-Assist/Healy)
  • Robust multi-plane Husky swivel
  • Your choice of Husky Safe-T-Break®
  • 3 types of hose material offered: Hardwall, Wirebraid and Softwall
  • Chrome plated brass fittings
  • UL listed hose assembly
  • Your choice of nozzle configuration
  • 100% continuity/pressure tested
  • Thread sealant used on all component connections (Gasoila®)
  • All required hanging hardware for decommissioning in one single package

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