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From nozzle guards and splash guards to breakaway connectors, swivel options and more, Husky offers a wide range of fueling innovations that deliver safety, ease-of-use and are available in the options you need.

Husky offers a wide array of swivel options to make handling fuel nozzles and hoses easy and safe. Dual plane and single plane swivel assemblies carry certification from UL for use with dispenser equipment on fuel islands in conventional fueling, farm & commercial, vapor recovery, and ethanol fueling applications. Husky features a unique ball bearing swivel that greatly enhances the ease of movement when used on truck & high volume dispensing systems. The DEF Swivel is constructed from DEF compatible stainless steel. Husky gasoline swivel, 2 plane swivel, and multi-plane swivel hose assemblies are available for hardwall or wirebraid fuel hose in any length.

Breakaway connectors are installed at fuel dispensers to stop the flow of fuel on both sides of the separation if a motorist drives away with the nozzle still inserted in the fill pipe. Husky refers to these products as Safe-T-Breaks® (STB) which all have passed demanding UL test requirements without leaking or failing. Standard safety break options include the non-reconnectable single use safety break and reconnectable multi-use STB. The Husky MagBreak® magnetic STB includes a simple “twist to lock” reconnection feature. Diesel Exhaust fueling customers have three DEF STB options with dual internal check valve systems. Farm & Commercial customers can choose from 3/4” safety break options. Truck & high-volume customers have several 1” STB models available as well.

Husky has innovated several products that combine a swivel and Safe-T-Break®. These combo Swivels are for standard fueling applications at conventional fueling outlets and at truck and high volume locations. There is also a DEF STB/Swivel Combo for Diesel Exhaust Fluid applications.

Accessories for Fuel Dispensing Customers

Husky offers a full selection of scuff guards to protect fueling equipment. Nozzle guards, waffle splash guards, and Safe-T-Break® guards come in a variety of color options. Husky offers POPD, point of purchase display, nozzle guards that allow retailers an advertise hand guard option to reach their fueling customers.

Count on Husky if you need replacement spouts for fuel nozzles, pressure-vacuum vent assemblies, gas station dispensing kits to service fuel nozzles, Waffle Splash Guards, FLO-Equalizers® (to limit fuel flow to a maximum 10 gpm / 37.9 Lpm to comply with Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act), and DEF Hose Barb (HB) adaptors.

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