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High-performance, American-made fuel nozzles and accessories

Husky Corporation is the leading manufacturer of fuel dispensing nozzles. Since 1947 Husky has been on the cutting-edge innovating products that ensure consumer and environmental safety at the fuel pump. The product line features nozzles for conventional fueling, farm and commercial, truck and high volume, vapor recovery, ethanol, and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) applications.

All components for Husky nozzles are produced with the highest quality standards from our state-of-the-art U.S. manufacturing facilities. Quality is built in from end to end, backed up by ISO 9001 quality management systems certification. Safety is paramount. That is why Husky offers UL gas nozzles, UL diesel nozzles and UL DEF nozzles which have earned certification based on the rigorous safety standards of Underwriters Laboratories.

Each nozzle order will be built the day it is received and shipped the next. Husky even handles custom orders the same way, building every nozzle order to meet each customer’s exact requirements. Standard delivery is less than four days, which Husky accomplishes 99.5% of the time.

Retail Fueling

Husky provides retail gas nozzle and light duty diesel nozzle customers, full-service and self-service operations alike, products that exceed expectations for quality, safety, and reliability. Standard features of Husky nozzles include Stream Shaper® to provide straighter fuel flow and less splash back spillage as well as a unique Flo-Stop® device that shuts off the nozzle if it falls from the fill tank or raises above horizontal. Husky also innovated a new fuel poppet that makes the flow of gas through the nozzle easier to control. Husky conventional nozzles for convenience stores and service stations can be customized as a cold weather nozzle and have a variety of hand guard options.

  • Husky X automatic shut-off and Husky XS pressure activated automatic shut-off nozzles are for customers using ¾ inch inlets on dispensers. These can be customized as EZ Lever Nozzles, featuring a two-piece lever that requires half the force to open and is ADA compliant.
  • Husky 1A automatic shut-off and 1AS pressure activated automatic shut-off high flow gas nozzles and LDD nozzles offer options for one-inch inlet dispensers.
  • Husky Eco Nozzle is an environmentally friendly nozzle with unique features that include a Drip Less nozzle spout. This nozzle is CARB compliant for drips, spills, and liquid retention. Eco Nozzle has the lowest insertion force of any safety interlock operated nozzle.

Farm & Commercial

  • Husky 1GS is an automatic shut-off commercial and agriculture nozzle available with heavy duty metal or polymer handguards.
  • Husky 1GSS pressure activated automatic shut-off farm nozzle which also is suitable for 12-volt skid tanks, large pumps, and commercial applications.
  • Husky XFS for non-retail applications is an automatic nozzle with hook built-in that fits a holster lock on skid tank pumps.

Truck and High Volume

  • Husky 1HS are high flow heavy duty diesel nozzles for trucks and feature automatic shut-off capability.
  • Husky 1HSS are pressure activated heavy duty high flow truck nozzles that dispense up to 25 gallons per minute and are available in models that can operate in extreme cold weather.
  • Husky VIII is a high flow truck nozzle line for truck stops where UL nozzles are required and other high-volume applications including unattended stations. The Husky VIII is also a green diesel nozzle with UL certification for use with biodiesel blends including B10, B20 and B100.
  • Husky VIIIS nozzles are pressure activated automatic shut-off high flow diesel nozzles; another in the company’s line of quality truck stop products.
  • Husky 1690/1691 high volume automatic shut-off nozzles can accommodate fuel discharge flows of more than 90 gallons per minute yet are much lighter bulk fuel nozzles on the market.

Diesel Exhaust Fueling

Husky offers automatic shut-off DEF nozzles that are constructed of materials which are 100% compatible with diesel exhaust fluid. Full-service and self-service stations dispensing DEF in bulk can choose the Husky DEF Stainless Steel nozzle, with modular design for easy cleaning, or the lighter weight DEF Polymer nozzle. The latter features a body constructed of Acetal, providing a DEF plastic nozzle option that complies with ISO standards for diesel exhaust fluid.

Vapor Recovery

For applications where gasoline vapor recovery and capture at the fuel nozzle is appropriate, Husky Corporation offers a complete line of options. These nozzles are integral parts of Vacuum Assist systems which utilize a strong vapor valve in the nozzle operated by the on-off action of the nozzle’s lever paired with a vacuum pump that pulls gas vapor back to the underground storage tank. The Husky V34 line of nozzles provides options that work well with the vapor recovery dispensers presently on the market.

Ethanol Fueling

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) enforces safety standards for fuel nozzle valves that account for the chemical effects of ethanol on construction, materials, and performance. UL 2586A applies to nozzles dispensing ethanol blends above E10, including E15, E25 and E85. Husky offers options for automatic shut-off nozzles and pressure activated automatic nozzles manufactured with materials compatible with unleaded gasoline and all ethanal blends. Husky offers E15 nozzles, E25 nozzles and E85 nozzles (which include an aluminum body, aluminum spout, and nickel-plated internal components to prevent contamination and corrosion from rich ethanol blends) for full-service, self-service, and unattended fuel stations.

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