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#SGA Loading Arm:
SGA Loading Arm
For the transfer of liquid and gas products to tanker cars, tanker trucks, and vessels.
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The new Roman Seliger SGA Loading Arm is a safe and easy arrangement for transfer of liquid and gas products to tanker cars, tanker trucks, and vessels. This simple loading arm supports a loading transfer hose and allows for easy and safe movement of the transfer hose to and from the loading vehicle or car from a stowed position.
  • Operator is not required to lift the hose. The loading arm supports all the weight. Any type of hose can be used with the SGA loading arm along with dry breaks, breakaways, or special attachment couplings.
  • Special flexible joint mechanism makes it impossible for the loading arm radius to go below the minimum safe bending radius of the hose assembly and extends the life of hose.
  • Eliminates wear and tear on hose cover and reduces operator injuries.
  • Special spring or gas operated mechanisms can be added to allow operator to rise and lower arm with minimal effort.
  • Lower maintenance time and cost.
  • Lower risk of damage.
  • Suitable for heavy or heated hoses and fittings.
  • Maximum transfer rate.
  • RS system meets highest safety requirements.
  • Each SGA hose loading arm is made to measure for a particular application and conditions of use.

Mounting brackets (wall, foot or other types)
Hose loading arm
Heading section (for top loading, bottom loading, etc.)


Breakaway coupling
Dry disconnect coupling
Specialty hose to tanker, truck, or vessel connectors


Material: Stainless steel 1.4301/1.4401, steel 1.0037 RAL 5002, steel 1.0037 galvanized
Nominal length: 6 to 20 feet (2 to 6 meters)
Nominal width: 1 to 4 inch (25 to 100 mm)
Bending radius: 6 to 17.75 inches (150 to 450 mm)
Types: Top loading, bottom loading, and floor loading

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