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Husky Fueling Hoses
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Husky Corporation offers high-performance fuel dispensing hoses for every application. Curb hoses, the name given to gasoline dispenser hoses that goes back to when gas pumps were located on sidewalk curbs, are available in many varieties. Each Husky curb hose assembly is 100% pressure tested, inspected for electrical continuity and sample pull tested.

EagleFlex® Hardwall Hose assemblies are recommended for all gasoline and gasoline/ethanol blends at Ethanol levels designated as “gasohol” (E10 maximum or less), diesel fuel and diesel fuel/biodiesel blends with nominal biodiesel concentrations up to 5% (B0–B5), kerosene and fuel oil (heating oil), leaded and unleaded gasoline. This is premium hardwall hose designed for durability, flexibility, and easy handling.

Other EagleFlex® hose options include lightweight Softwall hose and Wirebraid hose that provides the flexibility of a softwall but the durability of a hardwall hose. EagleFlex® Low Perm Hardwall is premium low permeation pump hose, certified by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), to reduce the amount of fuel that diffuses through the hose wall.

Designed for use in agricultural, industrial and construction maintenance applications. This hose is engineered for dispensing gasoline, kerosene and oil from farm and barrel-type pumps where UL approval is not required. All EagleFlex® farm tank hose assemblies include a static wire and are 100% inspected for electrical continuity.

Husky also offers hardwall, wirebraid and softwall whip hose, which is the short hose situated between the dispenser and the safety breakaway. Husky offers low perm whip hose options as well, which are UL listed to UL 330 for low permeation.

Customers can select from Husky’s DEF Compatible Dispensing Hose without static wire, engineered for dispensing DEF where UL approval is not required. The Husky DEF hose tube and cover contains black customized peroxide-cured EPDM, an extremely durable synthetic rubber that will avoid DEF contamination.This is a ¾ inch hose that is 100% inspected for pressure up to 50 psi.

Features permanent fittings for all home fuel oils, leaded and unleaded gasolines, diesel, or tractor fuels. A smooth red cover on this hose (available in 1 inch, 1 ¼ inch or 1 ½ inch diameters) provides minimum ground drag, added freedom of movement, and abrasion resistance.

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