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#Husky Spouts: For Husky Nozzles
Husky Spouts
Spout Assemblies for Husky Nozzles
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Available for Conventional, DEF and E85 Systems
  • Stainless Steel (X, XS, STS, 1GS, V3 & V34, E85 Spouts), Aluminum (VIII, VIIIS) Spout Bushings (optional on LDD).
  • Spout assemblies with the Streamshaper® reduces turbulence for straighter flow and less splash back spillage.
  • Keeps spout tip round.
  • Spout assemblies with the Flo-Stop® device that shuts off the nozzle if it falls from the fill tank or raises above the horizontal.
Spout Assemblies
Available Spouts
Choose any options that are applicable.
Nozzle Guards
X, XS, 1GS Nozzle Spouts
Choose …
001473: X, XS®, 1A, 1GS Unleaded Spout Assembly with Streamshaper®
001471: X, XS®, 1A, 1GS Light Duty Diesel Spout Assembly with Streamshaper®
005215: 1HS, 1GS High Flow/High Volume Spout Assembly
DEF Spouts
Choose …
013285: X DEF Nozzle Spout Assemblies with StreamShaper®
013286: X DEF Nozzle Spout Assemblies with Spout Ring and Magnetic Accufuel® Safety Feature
Choose …
002279: VIII, VIIIS Spout Assembly with Spout Bushing
003589: VIII,VIIIS Long Spout Assembly without Spout Bushing
004889: 1690 High-Volume Spout Assembly without Shear Groove (USA)
005017: VIII, VIIIS Spout Assembly without Spout Bushing
005042: 1691 High-Volume Spout Assembly with Shear Groove (Canada)
005215: 1HS,1GS Spout Assembly
V3 & V34 Spouts
Choose …
004000: V34 Vapor Splash Guard (VSG) (Includes 004039 Clamp)
004039: VSG Single Use Clamp
006291: V34 Spout Assy Kit (Includes 004000 VSG and 006391 Spout Assembly)
006391: V34 Spout Assembly with Streamshaper®
E85 Spouts
Choose …
006207: X, XS® E85 Spout Assembly with Streamshaper®
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