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Eliminate harmful exhaust emissions and meet the EPA’s latest environmental standards.

Ready for years of rugged wear, these innovative products are another example of legendary Husky reliability and performance evolving with the ever changing needs of the petroleum-dispensing industry.

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Handling, storing, and dispensing Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) requires equipment specifically engineered for the job.

That is why Husky Corporation offers a complete product line for DEF, which is used in a large and ever-increasing number of diesel-powered machines. The products include DEF nozzles, dispensing hose, swivels, spouts, Safe-T-Breaks®, and DEF tanks gauges and monitors.

Island dispensing is likely to increase along with the growing number of diesel-powered vehicles using DEF, which is sprayed into diesel exhaust to break down harmful emissions. Diesel powered tractor-trailers use about 15 gallons of DEF for every 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel.

DEF Nozzles, Components, Dispensing Hose, Gauges and Monitors

DEF is made from a mixture of technically pure urea and purified water which must be handled and stored properly to preserve its quality. All Husky DEF products are constructed from materials that are 100% compatible with DEF.

The variety of Husky DEF nozzles and components provide options to meet any dispensing situation.

DEF Nozzles

  • Husky offers a stainless-steel nozzle with materials that are 100 percent compatible with DEF and a modular design for easy cleaning.
  • The light-weight Polymer DEF nozzle features an Acetal body that complies with ISO Standard 22241-2:2006. The DEF Polymer nozzle passed rigorous UL tests for long term exposure to aggressive fluids and extreme temperatures, electrical continuity, high pressure, and cycle repetition without failure.
  • Husky offers a version of the popular X family of nozzles that contains 100 percent ISO-recognized DEF-compatible components including stainless steel spout, polymers, and O-ring materials.

DEF Components

  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid Inline Swivels feature Husky’s unique steel ball bearing design that provides easier joint movement during high pressure applications.
  • Spout assemblies with the Accufuel® safety feature prevent mis-filling of DEF in the diesel tank.
  • Safe-T-Breaks® stop the flow of fluid on both sides of the separation, with 100% DEF compatible parts.
  • DEF Adapters feature options for stainless steel construction, polymer construction, and UL recognized components certified for DEF

DEF Dispensing Hose

  • Husky DEF dispensing hose is designed with black customized peroxide-cured EPDM, an extremely durable synthetic rubber that will avoid DEF contamination.

DEF Gauges and Monitors

  • The BJE DEF Black Knight gauges feature oversized, DEF compatible anodized aluminum float assemblies and show how much fluid remains in storage tanks until they are empty.
  • DEF tank monitors include popular versions of BJE Jarhead, 007 and Sentry lines that are specifically designed for storage units containing DEF.

Turnkey DEF Hanging Hardware

If you are looking for simplicity in bulk DEF dispensing, Husky offers a turnkey solution. The DEF EZ-Connect is a pre-assembled, fully tested hanging hardware solution that provides fuel marketers all the components needed to deliver DEF from new dispensers or to replace existing components. Husky puts it all together and tests it before the hanging hardware package leaves our manufacturing facilities. All EZ-Connect components are manufactured by Husky, professionally thread-inspected according to established standards, and then pressure-tested to assure safety and top performance.

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