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Quality American Manufacturing: People and Processes

Husky Corporation is strictly a U.S. manufacturer. The company made a concerted decision to keep its operations in the United States, when the clear trend among competing companies was toward sending manufacturing operations overseas. Husky believes that decision was correct then and looks even better today.

The key reason: Quality. Husky is committed to building the best products available. The company launched and continues to emphasize investments in our people, purchasing the best equipment available, and creating a production system that builds 99.5 percent of all orders for shipment in just four days. The result is on-time delivery of the highest quality products. Husky holds ISO 9001 certification, the most popular quality management standard in the world. The company is a model for how manufacturing can thrive and grow in the United States.

Relentlessly Dependable Service

Without great customers Husky would not have a great business. We work hard to treat our more than 2,500 distributor customers like they are part of the Husky family. That means exceptional customer service from knowledgeable and experienced technical representatives based at our company headquarters. It also means total responsiveness. Our engineers and technicians remain in close contact with customers in the field to see any problems that occur first-hand, so we address them quickly. Customers appreciate how responsive the company is in dealing with problems.

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