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The History of Husky Corporation

Some say our story begins in the extremely cold and harsh environment of the Siberian Arctic. Others believe it originates in the infamous Alaskan Iditarod race. No matter what the origin of the iconic Husky dog that now appears on the Husky Corporation logo, we do know that he was a special gift from an Arctic explorer to an inventive man named Eugene Sutcliffe and together they would forever alter the landscape of the petroleum dispensing industry.

Intelligent. Dependable. Trustworthy.

Shortly after World War II, Eugene designed and made the first gas guard in his home – to protect cars from gas nozzle scratches during fueling – and soon began to develop fuel nozzles that would revolutionize the industry. Traveling from gas station to gas station and selling his fueling accessories out of the back of his car, he was accompanied by the loyal Husky dog that shared his admirable characteristics of intelligence, dependability, and being steadfastly trustworthy. As Eugene’s innovations gained widespread acceptance by gas station owners, the legend of a man and his loyal Husky dog was growing – and so was Eugene’s fledgling company.

Loyal. Hard-Working. Enduring.

Nearly 70 years later, and now led by Eugene’s son, Grenville Sutcliffe, Husky Corporation is recognized as the proven leader in petroleum dispensing nozzles and accessories. Like the legendary Husky dog that inspired a company and captured the imagination of customers past and present, Husky Corporation shares the famous canine’s traits of: dependability, through its high-quality, American-made products; loyalty, with a dedicated sales force and support staff that serves an equally loyal group of satisfied customers; and endurance, with an ongoing dedication to performance that evokes comparisons to the hard-working and competitive Huskies that propel dog sleds over and through snow-covered obstacles to victory.

A Breed Apart

As the well-recognized star of the most famous logo in the petroleum dispensing industry, our Husky is representative of the hard-working, innovative approach to business and success that is characterized by its corporate namesake. It’s an important reason why Husky Corporation is – and will continue to be – A Breed Apart.

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