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#Husky Guards: For Nozzles and Safe-T-Breaks®
Husky Guards
Nozzle Guards, Nozzle Reguards, and Waffle Splash Guards
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Protects dispenser from damage caused by the Safe-T-Break® and whip hose.
  • Protects the Safe-T-Break® against corrosion due to environmental exposure. Enhanced protection of the Safe-T-Break® during separations.
  • Custom colors are available for all Nozzle Guards, Nozzle Reguards, Waffle Splash Guards and Safe-T-Break® Guards.
  • The Safety/Warning logo will be printed on all Nozzle Guards and Nozzle Reguards.
  • Provides a clean/more streamline appearance.

Body: One-piece die cast aluminum
Seals: Fluorocarbon
Packing: Double o-ring seal protected by fiber reinforced Teflon®
Lever: One-piece contoured steel with hard plastic cover
Inlet: 3/4" / 19mm NPT

Flow Rate
Available Nozzle Guard(s)
Choose any options that are applicable.
Nozzle Guards
Full Grip Nozzle Guards
Choose …
000544: 1A, 1GS, 1HS Nozzles
004145: X, XS®, XFS Nozzles
004740: VIII, VIIIS Nozzles
006951: V34 Nozzles
Full Grip Nozzle Reguards
Choose …
001804: 1A, 1GS, 1HS Nozzles
001806: X, XS®, XFS Nozzles
005516: VIII, VIIIS Nozzles
004231: V34 Nozzles
Nozzle Guard Packages
Choose …
000099: 1A, 1HS Nozzle Protection Package (includes 000554 Full Grip Nozzle Guard and 001808 Waffle Splash Guard)
001506: X, XS® Nozzle Protection Package (includes 004145 Full Grip Nozzle Guard and 001808 Waffle Splash Guard)
001809: X, XS® Nozzle Reguard Package (includes 001806 Full Grip Reguard, Zip Tie and 001808 Waffle Splash Guard)
001811: 1A, 1HS Nozzle Reguard Package (includes 001804 Full Grip Reguard, Zip Tie and 001808 Waffle Splash Guard)
Waffle Splash Guards
Choose …
001808: X, XS®, 1A, 1HS, VIII, VIIIS Nozzles
Mate Nozzle Guards
Choose …
003795: X, XS®, XFS Nozzles
003376: Fluted Handle Cover
Easy-On Guard Package
Choose …
003440: X, XS®, XFS Nozzles (includes 003795 Mate Nozzle Guard and #003376 Fluted Handle Cover)
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