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Oil filter crushers, liquid level gauges, tank-monitoring alarm systems, accessories

Offering four models of oil filter crushers to satisfy any automotive, truck, industrial or commercial application, BJE’s offerings further enhance Husky’s existing manufacturing capabilities and empower the company to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers as never before.

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Automotive repair and vehicle lubrication customers turn to BJE for oil filter crushers, liquid level tank gauges, monitors used primarily in above ground storage tanks, and related accessories.

The innovative offerings are produced at Husky Corporation’s U.S. manufacturing headquarters, using the company’s machining, fabrication and assembly capability to deliver high quality products that solve an array of customer problems.

Oil Filter Crushers

Oil filter crushers are valuable tools to dispose of old filters in an environmentally safe and economical manner. BJE features four models of oil filter crushers to satisfy any automotive, truck, industrial or commercial application. Each unit reduces oil filters by 75 percent of their original size for easy disposal while removing 95 percent of free-flowing oil so that it can be recycled. So, they are clearly much more than a really BIG beer can crusher.

BJE features two models for use for automobile oil filters, two models for tractor trailers and trucks, plus filter crusher stands for all models.

  • C-4 Pneumatic Oil Filter Crusher reduces filters 7½” tall x 5″ diameter with 4.5 tons crushing force using just a five second cycle time.
  • C-6 Pneumatic Oil Filter Crusher uses seven tons of force to crush filters up to 10″ tall x 7″ diameter with 27 seconds of cycle time.
  • TT-12 Pneumatic Oil Filter Crusher for Tractor Trailer and Truck Filters is for filters up to 16″ tall x 9″ diameter requires air pressure of 125 to 175 PS to complete a 23 second cycle.
  • TT-25 Electric Hydraulic Oil Filter Crusher features a large crushing chamber for filters up to 16″ tall x 9″ diameter and an automatic crushing cycle that spans one minute.


Tank gauges are important devices for measuring and displaying liquid level volumes. The BJE product line features a wide variety of gauges that repair shops and oil change locations utilize to manage their inventory and waste management needs. The products can be used with oil, waste, diesel fuel, antifreeze and other fluids with a high flash point. There is also a line of BJE tank gauges specifically designed for use with Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).

Depending on the tank size or price-point required, there are 11 BJE tank gauge models available designed to solve problems for nearly any application. That includes measuring the amount of product available until a tank is empty, the amount of volume remaining until a tank is full or preventing overfill situations.

Monitors & Gauges

Monitors offer additional support for managing important liquid level scenarios, by providing an audible signal or visible siren to indicate a situation requires attention. Some monitors are equipped with both sirens and strobes. BJE presents nine tank monitor and gauge options for a variety of applications, from large liquid tanks to 55-gallon drums to waste oil heating system management. The MK6 Tank Alarm will monitor up to six tanks simultaneously.

The company also offers six DEF tank monitor products, specifically crafted to withstand the unique chemical composition found in Diesel Exhaust Fluid.


The BJE product line includes several accessories customers can use to customize their tank monitor systems to their own needs. These include stand-alone sirens, remote sensors, solenoid valves for use with the 007 Tank Monitor and TM3 line air shut-off valves.

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