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Commercial and private aviation fueling requires durable fueling hoses that work in some of the most demanding environments and temperatures while meeting stringent standards. These are the types of fueling hoses Hewitt designs and manufactures.

Manufactured especially for jet fuel and higher aromatic aviation gasolines used in commercial and private aircraft. It is available in eight diameters (.75 to 4 inches) and is recommended for all types of riser deck, reel, and hydrant hose applications. All Hewitt aviation hose assemblies receive a unique serial number, are 100 hydrostatic tested to 600 PSI, inspected for electrical continuity, and come with a test certificate.

Same as above, except standard hose assemblies are supplied with Roman Seliger brand 4-bolt aluminum clamp reusable couplings, Elaflex Spannloc are available on request. All 4” ID hoses utilize Roman Seliger 4-bolt aluminum clamped reusable fittings.

Connects aircraft refueling sources (aviation fuel trucks, hydrant carts, tank farm connections) to movable service platforms which may rise and lower for fueling/defueling commercial or private aircraft with avgas or jet fuel. This premium hose is designed to achieve exceptional durability and extended flexing capability of 124,000 plus cycles.

Twin quarter-inch systems that connect to the Deadman automatic shutoff control during aircraft servicing operations.

3/8th inch systems used in connection with aircraft servicers/airport hydrants and sensing control systems. Sensing hose carries the Deadman automatic safety shutdown function and pressure control signals from the dispensing vehicle/location to the source control valve.

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