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Tuesday, January 24th, 2017
A Solution that Delivers Instant Value

Very often there is only one thing that stands in the way of making a decision which will dramatically improve a business’s operations. Money. Capital budget cycles can be such that major improvements often have to wait for funding, even if making a change would almost immediately improve efficiencies and reduce operating expenses.

But the Enevo solution to optimize liquid level logistics takes that off the table. Enevo is a robust, simple and affordable logistics solution that will save time and money while increasing customer satisfaction. Enevo uses ultrasonic technology to remotely measure tank fill levels with sensors that transmit data over cellular networks to a central web portal that can be accessed virtually from any browser-enabled device. As a result, large scale deployment can happen very quickly.

An Approach That Delivers Instant Value

Enevo utilizes a Software as a Service (SaaS) licensing and delivery model, where the software is centrally hosted and licensed on a subscription basis. It makes for a complete end-to-end solution.

There are several payment options available:

  • Subscription Options deliver hardware and network services for one monthly fee.
  •       This fee covers the device, warranty, all data transmissions, access to real time measurements, forecasts, collection lists and alerts via our web service. Not included in the monthly rate are shipping and installation of the sensors.
  •        No upfront investments are required with this option.
  • Purchase/Subscription Options allow a single payment for Enevo hardware and monthly fees for network services. 
  • Purchase Options offer an upfront single payment for both hardware and software
Whether the client is a small private operator or a large corporation, Enevo offers a flexible service agreement to fit any situation. Many Enevo clients start with a small-scale project to experience the benefits the solution provides. This is a way for customers to get into the game and start realizing benefits quickly.
Enevo will minimize total distribution costs over time by accurately understanding the status of inventory, then forecasting service needs based on the history for specific locations. Learn more about the Enevo service at www.husky.com/enevo.
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