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Tuesday, December 1st, 2015
Best Practices for Rotary Wing Aircraft Refueling – Nozzles Designed for the Task

A useful publication for aviators is the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Safety Best Practices Manual. It is a document worthy of being checked and reviewed from time to time, even by the most experienced people in the business, to review best practices for safe aircraft operation.

Chapter Four deals specifically with Standard Operating Procedures for Rotary Wing aircraft, covering topics including flight crew check in, flight planning, weather limitations, even refueling procedures.

The Osprey Aviation Nozzle is designed with all the features required for safe fueling of helicopters.  Hewitt, a division of Husky Corporation, engineered the Osprey to meet the needs of helicopters and small aircraft over-the-wing fueling. This nozzle features automatic shut-off capability to facilitate filling fuel tanks while preventing spills and/or over filling.

Osprey serves aviation applications that do not require high-volume nozzles. It offers a light-weight design that includes these features: 

·         Automatic shut-off
·         Easy-to-service 100 mesh stainless steel fuel filter assembly
o   Required for aviation fueling applications
·         Dust cap to place over spout when the nozzle is not in use
·         Ground Cable with clip
o   Grounding plug also available as an accessory for helicopter fueling
·         Aluminum body
·         One piece contoured steel lever
·         Red fuel grip guard to identify for use with AvGas or Black Fuel Grip for Jet Fuel
·         Waffle guard to protect against damage to wing or helicopter surfaces.
·         Aluminum inline and multiplane swivels available as accessories
The Osprey S nozzle also prevents fuel  from being drained out of the hose.  The nozzle shuts off
when the pump shuts off, when the tank is full or when the lever is opened before the pump turns
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