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Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015
BJE Offers Another Solution to Your Tank Monitoring Situation

New England-based distributor H.O.D., Inc. and Canada-based The Tank Shop developed a turnkey automatic pump solution that integrates a BJE 007 High or Low Tank Monitor Alarm and a BJE 007 Solenoid Valve with Timer (SVT) with a diaphragm pumping system. The system was newly installed at the Fort Chaffee Maneuver Training Center near Fort Smith, Arkansas where scores of military vehicles receive regular maintenance.

H.O.D., Inc.’s Burtis Hawes says that they needed to have something on the tank to shut it down when it reaches 95 percent capacity since the tanks are on the outside of the building and the pumps are on the inside of the building. That way even if the attendant stays inside, the oil in the tank wouldn’t overflow. Thus, the creation of the Tank Monitoring Alarm.

Hawes also says that the Tank Shop turnkey system includes the 007 Tank Monitor sensor in the outside tank with a panel for the pump and BJE monitoring components mounted inside the shop. Attendants empty the waste liquid, activate the pump so the fluid can move through hoses and hard pipes to the external tank, then move on to their next job. The SVT timer shuts the pump off after a set amount of time. If the tank reaches 95 percent capacity, the 007 tank monitor will shut the system down and activate both audible and visual alarms.

Hawes revealed that they have been using BJE equipment for about 12 years, and that they like it because it goes with several applications. He adds, “The 007 can go on any existing tank and doesn’t require any special components to receive it.” See how the BJE line of tank monitoring solutions and oil filter crushers can go to work for you. Contact BJE, a division of Husky Corporation, at 800-325-3558 or visit http://www.husky.com/bje/

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