Tank Monitors & Gauges

Kaltey: Commander Tank Controller Tank Controller for use with oil, waste oil, diesel fuel, antifreeze, water and other fluids with a high flash point.

  • Self-regulating fluid transfer system.
  • Provides automatic re-filling of monitored tank.
  • Prevents costly tank overfills.
  • Built-in overfill monitoring – 103 decibel alarm siren and flashing LED.
  • Push to fill button provides instant topping off of monitored tank.
  • Engineered for most single or double wall tanks with 2″ NPT bung opening.
  • Designed for tank depths between 24″ – 78″ (610 mm – 1981 mm).
  • Requires one air powered diaphragm pump, not included.
  • System shuts off air to diaphragm pump and oil flow to day tank when high level sensor is tripped.
  • System includes: tank mounted controller, air solenoid valve, fluid control valve, 115 volt ac adaptor, 25 ft of cabling.
  • Tank depth and riser height information required at time of order.

Currently not available.

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Model No. Description Shipping Weight Lbs (Kg)
Monitors and Alarms
010613 Kaltey Commander Tank Controller 50 (22.7)