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Friday, August 22nd, 2014
Bringing Back the Conventional Gas Nozzle

It was back in 2012 when the Obama administration and the EPA announced that the vapor-reducing gas nozzles were on their way down. That is a big shift from the implementation of this rubber boot in 1994 when it was declared that gas stations were not meeting quality air standards; at the same time, vapors from the fuel pumps contributed to the smog and over all air pollution.

It was in 2006 when car manufacturers incorporated on-board vapor capturing systems into cars, making rubberized pumps redundant and useless. However, to this day there are still some gas stations that use the vapor-reducing gas nozzles, which will hopefully change soon.

What the People Have to Say

The news of the switch back to the conventional gas nozzle has been considered a positive change by consumers. To them, the vapor-reducing nozzles were a hindrance rather than a convenience, as the rubberized nozzles did not fit the gas tank opening. Both car owners and motorists have experienced having trouble with the rubber-clad nozzles’ fitting, and in some extreme cases, the nozzles slipping out while they pump the gas. It comes as no surprise that when conventional nozzles were being brought back, more people were open to the switch.

Making the Switch Easier

One would think that making the change from the vapor-reducing gas nozzles would be both costly and difficult, but that’s not the case at all. Due to one of the many fueling products that Husky offers—namely, the EZ-Connect—the transition has been made easier. Husky’s EZ-Connect nozzle is a revolutionary product that comes pre-assembled, professionally tested, and fully warrantied.

The hassle of changing back to the old and yet much preferred gas nozzle is eliminated because Husky guarantees that the innovative and proudly American-made fueling products they provide are always of top quality. With technology like this, it won’t be long before gas stations nationwide make the change back to the conventional nozzles.

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