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Wednesday, August 30th, 2017
Chemical Processing: Plant Enhances Loading/Unloading Operations

The September 2017 issue of Chemical Processing magazine features an in-depth article on loading and unloading operations for bulk liquid materials, presented by Bill Lesser, the global RS manager for Husky Corporation. The article points out that the number of safety related incidents involving hoses, hose adapters and couplings remains problematic, while safety in other areas around materials loading/unloading has shown dramatic improvements over the past decade. Mr. Lesser also offers a solution for operations looking to improve safety and efficiency — use a hose loading arm.

Greg Ohlhues, the operations engineering manager at the Hawkins Inc. Rosemount, MN plant offered his experience when installing and using a Roman Seliger SGA loading arm.

He made these comments in the article: “We’ve found the benefits to be exactly what we were looking for. It de-cluttered the work space and improved handling by the operators. They no longer have to lift and drag the unloading hose across the gangway to the rail car. Plus the arm lowering and lifting mechanism by the railcar makes it easy for them to work around the fall protection cage. One additional advantage we did not foresee was the way the connection is made to the car. It removes stress on the hose crimped connection and railcar connection nozzle by being able to come straight off the top of the railcar with the hose being supported independently.”

Here is a link to the entire article on the Chemical Processing web site:


Husky will be showing a sample loading arm at the upcoming Chem Show in New York, October 31- November 2, 2017 at booth 442. You might be interested to know the Chem Show is where Hawkins Inc. first saw the Roman Seliger SGA loading arm.

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