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Thursday, May 21st, 2020
Clearly Gauge LLG: A Simple Solution for Measuring Liquid Levels in Storage Tanks
BJE Oil and Lube Products is offering what can be described as a made-to-measure liquid level gauge. The Clearly LLG is an simple and inexpensive gauge for measuring the contents of storage tanks that contain oil, diesel, antifreeze and other liquids with a high flash point.

The Clearly Gauge LLG is the only of its kind to utilize a direct drive measuring tape to calibrate liquid levels, while similar concepts rely on a complicated configuration of internal gears and reels. 

Clearly It’s a Solution for 55 Gallon Tanks

This weather-resistant gauge features two-inch NPT threads for installation and is easily field adjustable to accommodate tanks up to 72 inches deep. Greater depths are available on request. The Clearly gauge should be particularly attractive for use with 55 gallon drums, including tank manufacturers who seek an accurate, yet inexpensive, gauge to ship with the tank to customers.

“Customers have been requesting a simple, accurate and inexpensive gauge for a variety of applications,” said Design Engineer John Sever. “It’s easy to see the Clearly Gauge LLG is up to the task.”

Clearly measures, in inches, showing how much fluid remains in the tank until it is empty. The Clearly Gauge LLG features BJE’s standard oversized aluminum float assembly, which rotates to prevent the nickel-plated brass chain from getting tangled in the tank.

Contact BJE, a leading manufacturer of oil filter crushers, tank-monitoring alarm systems used primarily in above ground storage tanks and liquid level tank gauges, to talk with a customer service representative about the new Clearly LLG gauge  at 1-800-325-3558.

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