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Friday, September 4th, 2015
Convenience is Big Business

Frank Lloyd Wright is one of America’s most famous architects. He designed a number of spectacular buildings including New York’s Guggenheim Museum and Tokyo’s Imperial Hotel. But another of Wright’s less famous designs was a gas station that was supposed to be built Buffalo. NACS online describes Wright’s vision of a two-story building with wood-burning fireplaces, deluxe bathrooms and a living room enclosed by glass. The Buffalo gas station was never built. But you can find a version of it in Cloquet, Minnesota.

Even though Wright’s 1927 vision never came to reality on a grand scale, the convenience store industry, which traces its origins to that same year, has grown to make a huge impact on the economy. Convenience stores numbered more than 151,000 in the United States at the start of 2014 according to the National Association of Convenience Stores. And 84 percent of them sell motor fuel. NACS estimates convenience store retailers dispense about 80 percent of the motor fuel sold in the U.S.

Keeping the Fuel Flowing

Husky Corporation has been growing along with the convenience store industry since the company started in 1947. The company offers a variety of conventional fuel nozzles and dispensing products for full service outlets, self service gas stations and convenience stories. The Husky family of nozzles is engineered to meet the demands of the constantly evolving convenience store industry.

For example the Husky X automatic shut-off nozzle is equipped with a unique Flo-Stop device that shuts the nozzle off should it fall out of the fill tank. The Streamshaper reduces turbulence for straighter fuel flow while reducing the amount of splash-back spillage. Husky XS nozzle adds pressure activated features so the nozzle shuts off when the pump shuts off, when the tank is full, if the lever is opened before the pump is turned on or if the leak detector has not completed its test cycle.

Quality, safety and customer loyalty are key pillars for success at Husky Corporation. We thank our many customers in the convenience store business and will strive to retain that loyalty by providing new and innovative products to meet the needs of this important industry.

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