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Tuesday, March 10th, 2015
Eagle Aviation by Hewitt

As a leading manufacturer of aviation fueling products, including hoses and accessories, Hewitt is taking its reputation to the next level with the new Eagle overwing fueling nozzles for jet fuel and aviation gas.



The Eagle overwing fueling nozzle is designed for easy operation and fingertip-sensitive control of the fuel flow. Weighing just over 5 lbs., the Eagle features stainless steel shaft and fasteners, heavy duty 1 ½” swivel inlet, and rugged polyurethane handle guard. It comes with a quick-change swiveling spout design to accommodate two nozzle options; a Duck Bill spout for a jet fuel and a 1 ½” round spout for either jet fuel or AvGas. Black handles that are designated for jet fuel and red handles for AvGas are also available.

All components are fully serviceable, easily accessed and 100 percent made in the USA. With a design keyed towards ease of use and durability, this product is sure to meet and exceed the needs of those involved in the aviation industry.

For more information about the Eagle Overwing Aviation Fueling Nozzle and other Hewitt aviation fueling products, visit Husky today. http://www.husky.com/hewitt/

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