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Wireless Liquid Level Monitoring

Enevo is a leading global provider of smart logistics optimization solutions that help companies operate more efficiently.

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Enevo Logistics Optimization

Husky Corporation’s strategic partnership with Enevo offers customers wireless liquid level monitoring systems, with sensors designed and constructed to accurately measure and transmit storage tank volumes in real-time, even in harsh environmental conditions.

The hardware and software are reliable, using ultrasonic sensor technology to monitor tank levels and transmit the data over 3g networks. Liquid storage monitoring is now more convenient for petroleum product distributors overseeing several locations that require regular attention.

"With Enevo, we can watch the product flow, then we can schedule our deliveries around that. With everything we have to do in this position, efficiency is the key. "

Bryan Montgomery
Manager, Santie Oil

Consumer-Grade Simplicity, Enterprise-Level Performance

Husky’s Enevo solution starts at the liquid storage tank, where robust sensors constantly monitor the tank’s fill level and environment. Information is transmitted at regular intervals or during abnormal events such as sudden fluid level changes.

Enevo combines the ease-of-use familiar in consumer products with the reliability of enterprise-grade solutions. System setup is a breeze and requires almost no training, offering instant value for the end users. Dispatchers use any web-browser enabled device to get an immediate view of operations; fresh status updates, trends, reports, and alerts making delivery logistics highly efficient.

Smart routing – Reduce transportation costs

  • The system creates an optimized service route which prioritizes which tanks require immediate attention, and which ones do not, so truck routing can be adjusted accordingly. That reduces costs and offers a clear advantage over route-based tank deliveries.

Demand planning – Based on historic usage

  • From the logistics gathered and analyzed, accurate predictions are made on how much liquid will be needed at each location and when it will be needed. Delivery trucks know how much fuel each tank will need. That effectively minimizes surprises on the road and saves money at the same time.

Real time updates – React quickly to usage spikes

  • Due to wireless technology capacity, monitoring can be done anywhere cellular service is available. The system provides instant information about spikes in usage by sending timely alerts to dispatchers.
  • Even in harsh conditions, the Enevo tank monitoring alarm system can accurately measure tank levels. The system makes running an operation smooth, effective, and easy.

How the Digital Tank Monitoring System Works

Enevo created the ideal remote liquid level monitoring system which is both digital and scalable. Inside the WE-008L Sensor, ultrasonic sensor technology is installed to read liquid levels. The data is then sent regularly to a personalized dashboard through 3g cellular networks. The WE-008L Sensor provides hourly measurements, transmits all information every six hours or immediately in case of unusual and drastic changes, and to a dashboard that can be accessed as long as there is an internet connection.

The highly durable Enevo sensors are specifically designed to withstand harsh environments. This tank monitoring alarm system is sealed inside a cover constructed using a proprietary polyurethane mixture. The enclosed sensors are compatible with NPT fittings measuring 2 inches and have a ten-year military grade lithium battery.

The Husky-Enevo system particularly benefits petroleum distributors. The routing software that is included in the product will focus attention on the areas that require immediate consideration. It even projects the volume of product needed at specific locations. The system creates recommendations on the best service delivery routes and plans for tanks that require immediate attention.

This tank monitoring alarm system saves time, money, and fuel compared to traditional route-based service schedules. For distributors, that means providing higher quality service, convenience, and greater profitability. The Husky-Enevo system is truly an investment for your business.

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