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Tuesday, July 9th, 2019
Experts Say Cleaning the Upper Engine Could Prevent Costly Repairs

Improving engine performance doesn’t always have to be time consuming or expensive. There are steps mechanics and repair professionals can take first that can rule out costly repairs. Husky Corporation’s S.U.R.&R., which provides affordable products that solve problems in the automotive repair market, offers a solution for engines knocks. The S.U.R.&R. FIC903 Intake Cleaner system in combination with Sea Foam Motor Treatment can provide critical maintenance which would make a pricey and time-consuming engine overhaul unnecessary.

This topic was tackled recently by 4WD Mechanix Magazine during an in-depth look at a problem with a Jeep inline six engine, which was presenting noises that sounded like a serious engine knock. But the initial diagnosis suggested other possibilities. S.U.R.&R. posted an article about this review on the company web site as well which can be found at https://surrauto.com/when-an-engine-knocks-turn-to-s-u-r-r-and-sea-foam-first/

‘The time saved and pinpoint diagnostics separate ‘parts changers’ from real techs. S.U.R.&R. tools offer exceptional value, quickly paying for themselves!”, Moses Ludel of 4WD Mechanix Magazine. “In most instances it would be wise to attempt these tuning measures first. If the knock remains, there is more serious trouble.”

The article also contains a detailed video on the steps involved. Contact S.U.R.&R to learn more and to get pricing information at 1-800-390- 3996 or at info@surrauto.com.

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