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Thursday, October 15th, 2015
Fueling the Fight Against Breast Cancer

There are tons of ways to be part of the campaign against breast cancer this October. But here’s one that’s really easy. The retailers at Minnoco, Minnesota Independent Oil Company, are donating two-cents for every gallon of Unleaded Plus/E15 gasoline purchased at their locations around Minneapolis and St. Paul to an organization that helps cancer patients through their difficult time.  Where E15 isn’t available, the offer applies to purchases of Mid-grade gasoline.

And it’s easy to identify which Minnoco gas pumps to use so you can take part in this fundraiser. They have nozzle hand guards and splash guards — PINK ones! –  supplied by Husky Corporation.  Track the progress of this fundraising initiative at http://minnoco.com/

The promotion serves a dual purpose. Proceeds from the donation will go to Hope Chest for Breast Cancer Foundation, which helps meet the most urgent emergency needs of financially challenged breast cancer patients in the Twin Cities local area.

It also provides an incentive to try gasoline blended with 15 percent ethanol. While most gasoline is blended with at least 10 percent ethanol, the EPA has approved E15 for use in vehicles made during or after 2001. Minnoco offers Unleaded Plus/E15 at 17 locations right now with more coming on line in 2016.

The Minnoco campaign to fuel the fight against breast cancer will be underway through the end of October!

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