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Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016
Fully Pre-assembled, Factory-tested, DEF Compatible Hanging Hardware Components Now Available with Two Nozzle Options

DEF Hanging Hardware Solution: New Husky DEF EZ-Connect

Husky Corporation, the leader in developing innovative American-made fuel nozzles, Safe-T-Breaks® and accessories, introduces the perfect hanging hardware solution for the growing Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) market. The DEF EZ-Connect is a pre-assembled, fully tested hanging hardware solution that provides fuel marketers all the components needed to deliver DEF from new dispensers or to replace existing components. 
“The DEF EZ-Connect simplifies bulk dispensing by providing a turnkey solution. That includes the nozzle, hose assembly, Safe-T-Break®, whip hose, and even a swivel if that is desired,” said Husky Corporation Product Design Engineer Brian Wolff.  “Our team puts it all together and tests it before the hanging hardware package leaves our manufacturing facilities.” 
Available with X DEF or Polymer DEF Nozzles
All EZ-Connect components are manufactured by Husky, professionally thread-inspected according to established standards, and then pressure-tested to assure safety and top performance. DEF EZ-Connect is available according to customer specifications: 
Ø  DEF EZ-Connect Nozzle Options
o   New X DEF Automatic Nozzle
§  ¾ inch connections
§  ¾ inch single plane DEF swivel
§  Splash Guard
o   Polymer DEF Automatic Nozzle
§  ¾ inch connections
§  Splash Guard
Ø  Nine-foot, ¾ inch Softwall DEF dispensing hose
Ø  Nine-inch, ¾ inch Softwall whip hose
Ø  DEF Safe-T-Break® 
“We are pleased to offer these professionally assembled packages to make DEF dispensing as simple and reliable as possible,” said Husky Corporation Product Engineer Roger Wiersma. 
Every DEF EZ-Connect hanging hardware solution is backed by a 12-month warranty against manufacturing defects. Please contact Husky Corporation toll-free at 800-325-3558 or at the Husky Corporation web site for more information.


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