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Tuesday, January 20th, 2015
Go Mobile with Husky

Every day, an increasing number of people around the world are using their phones for daily activities. From reading news, shopping, and keeping in touch with friends, to making conference calls, confirming a large shipment, and generally running a business, phones today have become a necessity for many. The accessibility and convenience that smartphones provide have revolutionized the business-consumer relationship.

This is exactly why Husky, as a leading company in the fuel dispensing industry, aims to make it simple for our customers who rely on their mobile devices. That’s why Husky launched a mobile-responsive website. This gives customers a way to easily view Husky’s 375-page catalogue on their phones. Husky’s fueling products, together with BJE Oil and Lube products and Hewitt Aviation fueling products will all be readable and available to consumers with a single click on their phones or tablets.


Husky in Your Palm

Not everyone can visit the internet through their desktop 24/7. With a mobile-responsive site, dealers, distributors and manufacturers can search complete details on any Husky, BJE and Hewitt product anytime they want, anywhere they are. Other features available are interactive maps that help locate the nearest distributor or manufacturer representatives, warranty information, links to key industry and regulatory agency contacts, and many more.

Husky strives to give you top quality products with efficient and accessible information in real-time. Our mobile-responsive web site is just another way we hope to deliver on that goal.

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