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Monday, August 3rd, 2015
Going with the Flow

One of the more interesting trends around the world is rainwater harvesting. Even though roughly three-quarters of the planet is made of water, it’s not all suitable for use. So the constant shortage of water for various residential and industrial needs has reinvigorated interest in the centuries-old practice of collecting and storing rainwater. The trend is evident in places like India, Australia, China, and even the United States.
These systems not only reduce water bills, they are generally easy to maintain. Provided, that is, there is a convenient way to measure how much rainwater has been collected. BJE’s Black Knight is just the answer and now has universal appeal with the introduction of the Metric Black Knight.

 Metric Black Knight

“Customers have been asking for a metric gauge to monitor tanks that capture and retain rainwater for future use. Metric Black Knight is the perfect solution for measuring rainwater collected in outdoor storage tanks,” said Paul Nilsen, BJE Product Design Engineer.

BJE engineers designed Metric Black Knight with a large three-digit numerical display where the numbers decrease in centimeters as tank fluid levels go down. Metric Black Knight features a UV resistant durable housing that protects its direct-drive mechanical design from water and dust.  Metric Black Knight™ weighs just 1.1 kilograms (2.5 pounds) complete with 2” BSPT threads, and a Nickel-plated brass chain that connects to a Polypropylene float for use with fluids that have flash points similar to that of oil, diesel fuel or antifreeze.  The gauge fits tanks up to 365 centimeters deep.

“Metric Black Knight is a value-priced mechanical tank gauge to reliably measure liquid levels without manually measuring the tank’s contents and without paying exorbitant prices for other metric level gauges,” Nilsen said.

The product is one of many liquid level monitoring systems available from BJE, a division of Husky Corporation. Learn more at www.husky.com
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