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Thursday, April 23rd, 2015
Hewitt Osprey Product Review

Hewitt, a division of Husky Corporation, has engineered the Osprey Aviation Nozzle for over-wing fueling for small aircraft. The Osprey nozzle, which will be available in the market in the second quarter of 2015, serves aviation applications that do not require a large high-volume nozzle.

Osprey Fueling Nozzle Features

The new nozzle boasts a host of beneficial features, such as:

  • Automatic shut-off
  • Easy-to-service 100 mesh stainless steel fuel filter assembly (required for aviation fueling applications)
  • Dust cap to place over spout when the nozzle is not in use
  • Grounding strip
  • Aluminum body 
  • One piece contoured steel lever
  • Red fuel grip guard to identify for use with aviation gas

Guntersville Field Test: “It’s a great nozzle!”

Hewitt has conducted extensive field testing to develop an aviation grade nozzle that is ready to install on fuel dispensers at small airports.

“It’s a great nozzle. We really like it,” said Bob Martin, Airport Manager for Guntersville, Alabama Municipal Airport after trying out the Osprey fueling nozzle in early 2015. “I like the idea of the automatic shutoff. It’s lightweight. I can see where it could be used for most aviation fueling operations.” 

“We are getting everything up to date with aviation grade hoses and nozzles in all of our operations,” Martin said. “I like what they have done with this nozzle. And in the next two or three years it’s going to get a tremendous amount of use.”

This new product is just one more addition to our catalog of fueling products, all of which meet or exceed expectations. For more information about the Osprey Aviation fueling nozzle, contact Hewitt at 800-325-3558 or visit the website to check for updates: http://www.husky.com/

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