Protective Coils

Protective Hose Coil Used to extend hose life, prevent kinking and reduce abrasion.

  • Excellent for extending hose life, preventing kinking on deck and reel hoses, and reducing abrasion to hose cover
  • Installing coils at hose reel outlet riser will prevent hose collapse and maintain high fuel flow
  • Covers from 2 to 4 feet
  • Available to fit 1″ to 4″ ID aviation hose
  • Easily installed by factory or in the field
  • Standard white hose coils available from stock
  • Special colors and extra tough urethane hose protector coil (pictured under system options) available upon request
  • Construction
    Material PVC

Currently not available.

Currently not available.

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Model No. Description Shipping Weight Lbs (Kg)
9746 2″ Banding Coil, White Calculated upon order
9744 3″ Banding Coil, White Calculated upon order
9774 4″ Banding Coil, White Calculated upon order
9793 3″ Banding Coil, Orange Calculated upon order