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Sunday, August 24th, 2014
High-performance, American-made Fuel Nozzles and Accessories

For over 67 years, the Husky Corporation has been leading the way in fueling products innovation. Developing only the best, high-performing, cutting-edge, American-made products that are both safe for the consumer and the environment. With everything from conventional nozzles to flow equalizers and curb fueling hoses, rest assured that the array of products are made to be top-quality at the same time maintaining the most dependable customer service in the industry.

The Husky Nozzles

Through the years, Husky has never taken a step back from growing its reputation as an innovator, a breed apart from competitors, creating only the best automatic shut-off nozzles for every use. From the EZ-Connect nozzles, the most in-demand product in the industry today that’s exclusive to the Husky brand; to specialized nozzles for farms and convenience stores; and even the vapor-reducing nozzle that has lost its popularity, Husky still provides them for gas stations that demand quality from their equipment.

The list of fuel-dispensing products does not end with the conventional and common gas nozzles. It extends to trucks and high-volume dispensing for those tanks that require larger amounts of fuel at a quicker pace. There is also a nozzle that is specific for ethanol-based fuel, where the body is designed to prevent contamination and corrosion for ethanol blends. Even more unique nozzle needs are catered to, such as those for DEF products that come in both stainless steel and polymer nozzles.

Truly a Breed Apart

It’s Husky’s mission to deliver high-performing gas nozzles to the nation and the rest of the world. Because of this, customers are assured that all their nozzles are fitted with specifications required to do the job properly. The company takes pride in saying that their fueling products are manufactured to ensure that customer expectations aren’t only met, but exceeded. With the Husky brand, they can count on quality, safety, and reliability 100% of the time.

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