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Tuesday, May 5th, 2015
Higher UL Nozzle Valve Standards Translate to Higher Quality and Higher Costs

Starting April 30, 2015 revised safety standards require all fuel nozzle valve manufacturers to comply with UL 2586 and its various related fuel-specific subcategories. To continue their patter of leadership in providing customers only the best and the highest quality of fueling products, Husky Corporation has taken steps to ensure that nozzle valves for applications requiring a UL mark meet the new standards.

UL 2586 Basics

UL 842 continues to apply to hanging hardware. However it no longer applies to fuel nozzle values manufactured beginning April 30, 2015. The following standards will apply instead:

  1. 1.) UL 2586 is applied on nozzle valves used for gasoline blends with up to 10 percent ethanol and diesel fuel. 
  2. 2.) UL 2586A is applied on nozzle valves handling gasoline and ethanol blends of up to E85. 
  3. 3.) UL 2586B is applied on nozzle valves used for dispensing biodiesel blends of up to 20 percent. 

The driving force behind a more stringent UL standard is the consideration of the corrosive effects of ethanol on the valve components. With the EPA approving E15 for cars, trucks, and some SUV’s made after 2001, the E15 blend is now available in at least 17 states today. In order to ensure that the higher concentrations of ethanol does not damage the internal components, manufacturers have applied UL 2586 to their nozzle valves.

Factors in Pricing

Customer safety and satisfaction are the top priorities of Husky when manufacturing innovative fueling products. To meet both of these priorities, Husky Corporation works within UL standards for applications where customers need to use UL listed components. They have addressed the need to update rubber components used to meet the separate UL 157 standard. Replacing the materials used to make components, like diaphragms and seals to meet the UL 2586 standard, will mean that the final product will cost more. Rest assured for all customers that Husky manufactured fueling products not only meet strict standards, but will also meet and even exceed your expectations.

For questions or inquiries about pricing or any of Husky’s fueling products, call us at (800) 325-3558 or email us at sales@husky.com.

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