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Thursday, January 15th, 2015
Husky® Corporation DEF Polymer Nozzle Earns UL Listing

PACIFIC, MO – Recent UL listing for Husky Corporation’s polymer automatic shut-off Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) nozzle presents a new option for fuel marketers to conveniently dispense DEF from fueling islands.

DEF Polymer Nozzles

DEF Polymer Nozzle for Fuel Island Dispensers
Husky is the only manufacturer with a DEF Polymer nozzle that meets UL safety standards for the United States, required for hanging hardware on island dispensers. Island dispensing is likely to increase along with the growing number of diesel powered vehicles using DEF. The urea-based fluid is sprayed into diesel exhaust to breakdown harmful emissions. Diesel powered tractor-trailers use about 15 gallons of DEF for every 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel.

The DEF Polymer nozzle weighs just over 1.5 pounds, thanks to a durable Acetal body, and is loaded with safety features including a stainless steel StreamShaper® spout, automatic shut-off system, and Flo-Stop® device.

Lightweight, Durable DEF Nozzle Meets UL U.S. Safety Standards

The DEF Polymer nozzle passed rigorous UL tests for long term exposure to aggressive fluids and extreme temperatures, electrical continuity, high pressure, and cycle repetition without failure.

“The most difficult test is for long term exposure. We are pleased the components and engineering used in the DEF Polymer nozzle more than measure up to DEF nozzles that are heavier and more expensive,” said Roger Wiersma, Husky Corporation Product Engineer.

Contact Husky Corporation for more information at 800-325-3558 or sales@husky.com

About Husky: A Breed Apart
For 67 years, Husky Corporation has served as a trustworthy guide, developing breakthrough, American-made fuel nozzles, safe-t-breaks®, and accessories, plus relentlessly providing the most dependable customer service in the industry. Headquartered in Pacific, Missouri (in the metro St. Louis area), Husky is committed to provide petroleum-dispensing products that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations and reinforce the fact that we are a reliable partner that is with our valued clients every step of the way. Husky continues to grow its reputation as a special-breed innovator with an acquisition strategy designed to add more products and services worthy of the Husky name. In addition to our legendary line of nozzles for vapor recovery, conventional fueling, truck and high volume, farm and commercial, and convenience stores, we now feature curb and farm hoses, oil lube products, plus aviation hoses.

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