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Wednesday, December 5th, 2018
Husky Corporation in the News: St. Louis Business Journal

A company that started in a basement in 1947 has achieved another milestone. Husky Corporation, which manufactures fuel nozzles and other equipment related to the petroleum industry, has reached $50 million in annual sales. The St. Louis Business Journal story about this item is available at this link – which will require a subscription to view in its entirety.


Company president Grenville Sutcliffe told reporter Greg Edwards revenue had increased from about $40 million two years ago. When he joined the company in 1971, revenue totaled $375,000.

Edwards wrote this passage in the article: Husky, founded in 1947 by Sutcliffe’s parents, provides the nozzles and parts to most of the companies that own gas stations in St. Louis, and provides them worldwide to meet the specifications required in each country. “Any place in the world that has cars needs our products,” Sutcliffe said. The company ships about 2 million parts a year, he said.

The revenue information was part of an in-depth interview for an upcoming ‘St. Louis Character’ feature on Mr. Sutcliffe in the St. Louis Business Journal. Sutcliffe recalled in another recent interview some of his recollections about how the company started by his parents really got rolling.

Husky has 170 employees and manufacturing space of 84,000 square feet in Pacific, Missouri.

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