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Friday, January 10th, 2014
Husky Corporation Presents Quarterly Product and Industry Update

PACIFIC, MO – With 2014 on the horizon, Husky Corporation is pleased to provide this update on the many new products introduced in the past year that meet a wide variety of customer fuel dispensing needs. Our product innovation is designed to solve industry problems large and small, but always with customer needs top of mind.


Husky engineers created a Flexible Nozzle for the next generation Fuelmatics Automatic Refueling system. The system was on display at the 2013 PEI Convention at the NACS Show in Atlanta. Watch this www.youtube.com demonstrating the Fuelmatics system.

Customers with an opportunity to decommission their Stage II vapor recovery systems will want to look at Husky’s EZ Connect preassembled and fully tested hanging hardware solution.

Husky provided important industry information several industry media publications about Stage II Vapor recovery in 2013. Read more using the links provided below.

PEI Journal: Fourth Quarter 2013
National Petroleum News: April 2013
Petrol Plaza Technology Corner: February 2013

Husky’s new Polymer DEF Nozzle provides a lightweight and durable solution for truck stop operators, fleet service facilities, and vehicle service centers with diesel customers.

E85 Nozzle now olds a UL listing to hand this complex fuel. The aluminum body and spout, plus nickel plated internal parts prevent contamination and corrosion from ethanol blends.

Fueling Accessories

Dispensing fuel is smoother than ever with the revolutionary EZ Lever for Husky Nozzle models X, V34, and VII. EZ Lever is easy to squeeze allowing precise dispensing without restricting flow.

The International Handguard is engineered to work with the three primary fuel nozzle boots on the international market, making Husky fueling products even more attractive to global customers.

Nozzle Strainers capture grit and debris that sometimes flows with fuel before it reaches the nozzle. This innovation was requested by and designed especially for international customers.

Husky now offers new coupling options for 5/8″, 3/4″, and 1″ fuel hoses. Check out the features of the Mid/Low Couplings which offer high performance at a lower cost.

Husky Multi-Fuel Pressure/Vacuum Vents are UL listed to regulate underground storage tank pressure for ethanol fuel blends ranging from E10 through E85 as well as biodiesel products.

The DEF Reconnectable Safe-T-Break® is now UL listed, which permits larger range of use in the growing DEF market. Valves stop the flow of fluid on both sides of the break.

Husky Triage Team

We also want to make sure our customers are aware of this short a case study published in the international trade media outlet PetrolPlaza. The case study highlights how Husky is committed to going the extra mile, sometimes thousands of extra miles in fact, to deliver outstanding customer service.

Husky Corporation Engineering Triage Team: PetrolPlaza, September 2013

Contact Husky Corporation today for more information on our outstanding products and services

Toll-free: 800-325-3558
Telephone: 636-825-7300
Web: husky.com
E-mail: sales@husky.com

About Husky: A Breed Apart

For 65 years, Husky Corporation has served as a trustworthy guide, developing breakthrough, American-made fuel nozzles, safe-t-breaks, and accessories, plus relentlessly providing the most dependable customer service in the industry. Headquartered in Pacific, Missouri (in the metro St. Louis area), Husky is committed to provide petroleum-dispensing products that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations and reinforce the fact that we are a reliable partner that is with our valued clients every step of the way. Husky continues to grow its reputation as a special-breed innovator with an acquisition strategy designed to add more products and services worthy of the Husky name. In addition to our legendary line of nozzles for vapor recovery, conventional fueling, truck and high volume, farm and commercial, and convenience stores, we now feature curb and farm hoses, oil lube products, plus aviation hoses.

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