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Monday, December 8th, 2014
Husky Releases Low Permeation Hose

Husky Corporation now offers EagleFlex Low Permeation Hardwall Gasoline Pump Hose, which reduces the diffusion of fuel through the hose wall. A number of states now require gasoline dispensing facilities to install low permeation hose along with the rest of its fueling products as an added measure to control air pollution. 

Low permeation hoses, like the EagleFlex Hardwall, meet UL 330 requirements. The standard considers permeation to mean fuel that would be lost through the flexible hose, fuel loss at the fittings, and fuel loss at the connection between the hose assembly and the dispensing equipment. To be designated as low permeation, gasoline would diffuse at a rate no more than 10 grams per square meter per day.

The hose tube is made with black nitrile. The cover consists of Chlorinated Polyethylene, reinforced with multiple textile braids with dual static wire helix. It can withstand temperatures -40F to +180F and is recommended for all gasohol blends, diesel, leaded, unleaded gasoline, E15 Ethanol and B-20 Biodiesel where low permeation is required. The EagleFlex low permeation hose is available in three diameters (.625 in, .75 in, and 1 in), designed for durability and flexibility. 

It is possible that even more states will consider mandating low permeation fuel hose as an additional step to control air pollution. That is why Husky continues to grow its reputation as an innovator that readily adapts to an evolving industry.

For more information about EagleFlex Hardwall and low permeation hoses, visit http://www.husky.com/husky/husky-hoses/low-perm-hose/

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