High-performance, American-made fuel nozzles and accessories.

5837 for Vacuum Assist Vapor Recovery Systems
Husky Flo-Equalizers® limit fuel flow to a maximum 10 gpm / 37.8 Lpm to comply with Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act.

  • All Husky Flo-Equalizers® are pressure compensating and allow full advantage of high capacity pumps.
  • Low pressure loss at flows less than 10 gpm / 37.8 Lpm.
  • For vacuum assist vapor recovery systems.
  • Installs directly into thge dispenser outlet casting.

Body Aluminum

Currently not available.

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Model No. Description Shipping Weight Lbs (Kg)
005837 M34 x 1.5 Threads .37 (0.16)
Body Aluminum