Husky Guards
High-performance, American-made fuel nozzles and accessories.

POPD Guards:
Point of Purchase Display Nozzle Guards

  • Allows additional advertising at the point of fuel purchases.
  • Unique angled design for easy readability both hanging and in dispenser and while fueling.
  • Guards come standard with clear cover to protect the advertisement.
  • Clear cover contains UV stabilizer for durability and to prevent discoloring.
  • Built into the nozzle guard for easy installation.

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Designed To Fit Nozzles and Safe-T-Breaks®:

Nozzle and Safe-T-Break® Scuff Guards are to be ordered with the corresponding guard color option added to the model number.
Example: If BLUE guards are desired, add guard color option -01 to the model number (004034-01).
For custom colors, a minimum order of 4,000 guards will be required.

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Model No. Description
Full Grip Nozzle Guards
006665 X, XS®, XFS Nozzles
006655 1A, 1HS, 1GS Nozzles
007352 VIII, VIIIS Nozzles
006660 V34 Nozzles
007175 11A Nozzles
007180 11B Nozzles
008183 1A, 1GS, 1HS, Nozzles
008184 V34 Nozzle
008185 X, XS, XFS Nozzles
008186 VIII, VIIIS, Nozzles
008187 11A Nozzles
008188 11B Nozzles
Full Grip Nozzle Reguards
007205 X, XS®, XFS Nozzles
007210 1A, 1HS, 1GS Nozzles
007220 V34 Nozzles
007225 11A Nozzles
007230 11B Nozzles
008194 VIII, VIIIS Nozzles
008190 1A, 1GS, 1HS Nozzles
008191 V34 Nozzle
008192 X, XS®, XFS Nozzles
008193 VIII, VIIIS Nozzles
008195 11A Nozzles
008196 11B Nozzles
Clear Cover
006628 POPD S Clear Cover
008181 POPD H Clear Cover
EZ Guards
008179 1A, 1GS, 1HS Nozzles
008175 X, XS, XFS Nozzles
008177 VIII, VIIIS Nozzles
007990 11A Nozzles
007992 11B Nozzles
008180 1A, 1GS, 1 HS Nozzles
008176 X, XS, XFS Nozzles
008178 VIII, VIIIS Nozzles
007991 11A Nozzles
007993 11B Nozzles
Mate Nozzle Guards
008169 1A, 1GS, 1HS Nozzles
008165 X, XS®, XFS Nozzles
008167 VIII, VIIIS Nozzles
008171 11A Nozzles
008173 11B Nozzles
008170 1A, 1GS, 1HS Nozzles
008166 X, XS®, XFS Nozzles
008168 VIII, VIIIS Nozzles
008172 11A Nozzles
008174 11B Nozzles
015247 X, XS® International Polymer Handguard Nozzles
015253 X, XS® International Polymer Handguard Nozzles without Clear Cover
Black Handle Cover
007361 X, XS®, XFS Polymer Handguard Nozzles
007376 1A, 1HS, 1GS, and DEF Nozzles
012117 X, XS®, XFS Metal Handguard Nozzles
Waffle Splash Guard
001808 X, XS,sup>®, 1A, 1HS, VIII, VIIIS Nozzles
001807 11A, 11B Nozzles