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Tuesday, July 28th, 2015
Husky’s Complete DEF Product Line Includes Dispensing Hose

The Diesel Exhaust Fluid market continues to grow rapidly across the United States, with increasing numbers of outlets gearing up to dispense DEF.  That’s why Husky Corporation has created a full line of products to meet the unique demands DEF presents for safe dispensing. Husky offers dispensing hoses for Diesel Exhaust Fluid to complement its line of DEF nozzles, spouts, swivels, adapters and Safe-T-Breaks.

DEF Hose Designed for Durability and Flexibility

Diesel Exhaust Fluid must be dispensed to a diesel-powered engine into an onboard tank separate from the vehicle’s fuel tank. DEF is a urea and water-based solution sprayed into the exhaust of modern diesel engines to convert smog-forming nitrogen oxide into harmless water and nitrogen. DEF is sensitive to temperature changes and requires unique components for safe handling. For example, Engineers at Parker Hannifin Corporation designed Husky’s DEF hose tube and cover with black customized peroxide-cured EPDM, an extremely durable synthetic rubber that will avoid DEF contamination. Other features of Husky DEF dispensing hose include:
  •          Brass external crimp ferrule
  •          Recommended for electric pumps or dispensers
  •          Supplied without static wire
  •          Engineered for dispensing DEF where UL approval is not required
  •          Inspected for pressure up to 50 psi 


Growing Market for DEF

More engines that require the use of DEF are expected to come into use over the next several years. In addition to diesel engines on heavy trucks and buses, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandate to reduce nitrogen oxide from diesel exhaust also applies to off-road diesel engines including all agricultural and heavy construction equipment.  Get pricing information for all Husky DEF products at 800-325-3558 or sales@husky.com
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