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Monday, March 2nd, 2015
Husky’s Environmental Chamber Takes Reliability Testing Up a Notch

Earning the labels of numerous safety regulators around the world is a staple for customer satisfaction. For Husky, it doesn’t stop there. The company has a strong desire to continue the quest for product excellence. It wants to go above and beyond regular reliability testing by having a cutting-edge Environmental Chamber of its own. The Environmental Chamber is large enough to accommodate endurance tests of 16 fuel nozzles and 15 swivels at a time under extreme temperature conditions. The chamber permits these and other fueling products to undergo procedures that are more strenuous than what the regulatory agencies demand.

Nozzle Tester

The chamber’s nozzle tester enables simulation of an automatic shut-off. The pump works like a dispenser that provides pressure and flow to the nozzle. Test fluid rises to a level where it covers the nozzle sensing port which makes the nozzles to shut off automatically, just as it would when a customer is refueling.


Swivel Tester

The swivel testers also simulate what happens at an actual gas station. It mimics the load of the dispenser’s hanging hardware while moving the swivel joint through a 180 degree rotation. Each of the tests involve 100,000 or more cycles to ensure the product materials and design will stand the test of time.

But here is the big advantage. Inside the chamber, this all happens while the fueling products are exposed to extreme temperatures that can go up to 185 degrees Fahrenheit or go down to 85 below zero. Husky recognizes the importance of improving their products ceaselessly. Instead of waiting for the outside environment to change, Husky gears up with the environmental chamber to achieve product improvement the fastest way possible. Here at Husky, we aim to provide the best products for our customers. We care about our products and we want them to be made only with the highest standards. This is one of the reasons why Husky is a Breed Apart.

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