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Monday, February 2nd, 2015
Husky’s Polymer DEF Nozzle Meets UL Standards

Husky Corporation proudly produces the only DEF Polymer nozzles that meet UL safety standards for the United States. That means the DEF Polymer Nozzle is acceptable for dispensing on fueling islands. With island dispensing likely to increase in the coming years due to the growing number of diesel powered vehicles requiring DEF, UL listing for this specific type of lightweight nozzle and other DEF products has come at an opportune time.


Features and Benefits


The DEF Polymer Nozzle is engineered with the following features and benefits:

• Lighter than stainless steel nozzles

• Equipped with StreamShaper® to combat turbulence and lessen splash back spillage

• Automatically shuts off when the DEF tank is full

• Flow characteristics lessen DEF crystallization

• Less expensive and more durable 

UL Testing


At just 1.5 pounds, thanks to a durable Acetal body, this nozzle is incredibly light and easy to handle. This particular DEF product has undergone rigorous UL testing for the following aspects:

• Long term exposure to aggressive fluids

• Long term exposure to extreme temperatures

• Electrical continuity

• High pressure

• Cycle repetition without failure For more information about this latest DEF product to earn the UL label, visit Husky’s website or call 800-325-3558.

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