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Tuesday, August 26th, 2014
Husky’s Standard VIII Nozzles now UL-Listed

With the goal to decrease dependence on other countries for petroleum, the U.S. has been encouraging the use of alternative fuels such as biodiesel blends. From a production of 25 million gallons in 2000, biodiesel production rose to 1.1 billion gallons in 2012. This represents a growing percentage of the U.S. diesel fuel market, which accounts for nearly 40 billion gallons in total. The biodiesel industry has been pushing its use not only because it is beneficial to the economy but also because it is environment-friendly.

Biodiesel is a renewable source of energy. It is manufactured from various plant oils such as soybean, canola, and cottonseed oil; animal fats from pork lard and beef tallow; and recycled cooking greases or oils. Using it will be advantageous to the environment as greenhouse gas and tailpipe emissions are reduced. With that in mind, air pollution is also avoided, thus reducing toxic effects on human health and the environment.

What Biodiesel Fuel Nozzles to Use

Not all dispensing equipment is appropriate to be used with biodiesel; the same goes for other fuels. Certain chemicals have properties that just can’t go well with other materials. For instance, copper, lead, bronze, or tin accelerates diesel oxidation. As a fueling station owner, you have to make sure that your fueling equipment—especially your biodiesel fuel nozzles—are reliable and preferably made from aluminum, carbon, or stainless steel. This goes a long way in ensuring the safety of the consumers, your employees, and your whole business. 

Choose UL-listed Fuel Nozzles

Submitting products to UL for certification is not compulsory. But UL, a non-profit certifying body helps in safeguarding welfare by ensuring products are at par with the standards promoting safe living. Just recently, Husky’s Standard VIII Nozzles and Accessories have been listed for handling biodiesel blends. The fuel nozzles are perfect for truck stops, self-service locations that cater to high volume retailers, and unattended stations. Using dispensing equipment that is UL-listed ensures the sustainability and the reputation of your business. Using UL-listed products is a way to gain the customers’ trust and it also keeps you ahead of other fueling stations.

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