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Wednesday, September 17th, 2014
Husky’s Triage Team

Husky Corporation takes their products and engineering seriously. When faced with equipment problems, it is frustrating for customers to hear excuses about problems not arising during testing phases.

The facilities of Husky Corporation painstakingly manufacture and assemble their products in state of the art facilities in the U.S. Even with quality checks and product testing conducted in the ideal conditions of laboratories, highly reliable products can occasionally face problems when used. Husky takes these issues seriously.

Triage Team in China

In 2013, Husky engineers spent two weeks in China to investigate how one of their top of the line V34i Vapor Recovery Nozzle sometimes failed to shut off and spilled fuel. A concern like this can be challenging to talk through on the phone, fax, email or video conference. Going to the field where the issue occurs is the best option to know what might be happening.

Armed with data, research and field observations, the Triage team returned to Husky lab and replicated the conditions that were witnessed. Solving the problem in the engineering lab is only half the battle. The team needed to fly back to the other side of the world for further testing.

With improvements made in the fueling products, the Chinese market was satisfied.

With improved fueling products, the Chinese market are satisfied.

When Husky Corporation’s customers purchase any of our fueling products, the buyer-seller relationship doesn’t stop there. Even if our customers take our products anywhere around the world, our mission for quality products together with exceptional service continues especially with customers experiencing equipment problems.

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