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Tuesday, May 16th, 2017
Instantaneous Access to Essential Information

There can no longer be any doubt that we are living in a world dominated by digital information. So why is it that – in a society connected by computers, smart phones and nearly instantaneous communication capability – certain sectors of the economy are still doing business the “same old way”? For example, tons of companies that distribute petroleum or other liquid products service their customers as they have for decades; by sending trucks on regular “milk runs” without any real idea whether the customer actually needs service. Or if a customer suddenly needs something, the dispatcher orders a costly unscheduled run to keep that customer happy.



There is a much better way. Enevo is a system where durable ultrasonic sensors are placed directly on storage tanks to collect liquid level data and send it by cellular connections. New fill level data is gathered hourly, which generates data to effectively forecast when a tank needs attention. This feature can really optimize distribution logistics. There is a comprehensive toolset for dispatchers and managers to configure sites and schedules, manage fleets, assign routes, monitor operations and view statistics.  


Service Flexibility


The Enevo service provides a great deal of flexibility because the information can be consumed through any web enabled device. Information can be viewed up-to-the minute in this manner. Enevo can also be configured to email scheduled reports and notifications to anyone who needs the information.
A wide variety of insights can be gleaned from the data. The main dashboard screen shows recent deliveries, current fill levels, location maps and estimated dates for when service will be needed. The forecasts are based on historical activity at the sites Enevo is monitoring to provide the greatest savings over time.
The system saves time, money and the environment while providing peace of mind. Enevo operates a control center providing 24/7/365 customer support while constantly monitoring all aspects of the service. When you put it all together, Enevo is miles ahead of any route optimization system available and light years ahead of static route systems.

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